Protect Your Property From Termite Damage

Protect Your Property From Termite Damage

Ask about our residential and commercial termite services in Columbus, OH

Termites are known as the silent killer, working undetected to destroy every wooden beam, floorboard and post around your property. When you notice the first sign of termites in your home, call 2 Brothers Pest Control Of Ohio LLC right away. We're licensed to provide residential termite services to treat ongoing infestations and prevent future termite damage.

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Termites can affect your business too

While most commercial properties are built with concrete and steel, there are still wooden areas that termites can find and destroy.

Turn to the licensed experts at 2 Brothers Pest Control Of Ohio for commercial termite services. We will:

  • Find and identify termite issues around your property.
  • Deliver the right treatments to eliminate your issue.
  • Provide preventive treatments to avoid future problems.

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