Bishop "Steamroller" Lacey

I've been in pest control for 8 years as a bedbug and wildlife expert. I've treated all around the eastern side of the US for bedbugs and have handled wildlife in Ohio for about 4 years. I started 2 Brothers Pest Control of Ohio when I noticed that while I loved the work I'd been doing all these years, I wanted to make it better: when you work for large outfits most of the time you are very structured on how or what your methods can be. So with 2 Brothers I wanted it to allow for ever-changing treatment plans to evolve with the environment we are in.

Some people have children and pets in the home so our eco line of products help with the issues that could come up with these types of clients using more traditional methods. Others may like to use the older treatment plans because they are proven to work are used to using them. We will also try to come up with new ways to make things better for our community as we live here in Ohio and are proud of it. We want to keep our state beautiful and protect the environment as much as possible.


Chris "Carnage" Haines

I've lived in Westerville and Columbus area for over 40 years. My core values are faith, family, and friends. My wonderful wife and I have 3 children we're glad live nearby. I want to help customer's quality of life while showing respect and integrity to the business relationships. My pest control experience spans 8 years treating residential and commercial properties in many areas including termites, bedbugs, other pest insects, and wildlife.